Central Service Unit

The Central Services Unit (CSU) of the international scientific publication The Bible of AI ™. Its objectives are:

  1. Break with the language barrier for science communication.
  2. Provide universal access to people with disabilities.
  3. Provide a forum for discussion so that the use of private data of citizens is respected and taken into account by new computer developments.
  • Enrollmment volunteers (and guide) within the Artificial Intelligence volunteer programs.
  • Offer to researchers new ways to publish on academic platforms (Spanish and English and others attached) and which in turn can be sources of income for researchers and research.
  • Serve as an employment platform orientation for young people.
  • To be a human resources center.
  • Offer new ways of investigating and teleworking in times of pandemic.
  • Link society and citizens in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

By The Bible of AI™ and its associated supplements The Bible of AI ™OpenScience and IA eñ